Jazz In The Vines

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Saturday 29 Oct 2016
Saturday 29 Oct 2016

Why come to Jazz in the Vines?

29 September 2016


Jazz in the Vines is unlike any other festival in Australia, firstly its not just Jazz, while this may upset some Jazz purists, all sorts of music came from the roots of Jazz - soul, rock, funk amongst others. So we have lots of uptempo Jazz to get you moving along with Soul, Rock and even some Disco era tunes to make sure your feet keep tappin.

Its set in a really large paddock with plenty of space to spread out and enjoy yourself (that in itself is a delightful change).

We have good wines, I mean really good wines at great prices. Tyrrell's have been making wine for thousands of years so they know their stuff! Its refreshing to be able to drink great quality wine at an event.

Lots of really interesting food from local restaurants and area food trucks to ensure you don't go hungry.

Interesting markets to have a look at, you might find a tattooist (temporary of course), a masseur, have your fortune told, buy a new pair of sunnies or some clothes - heaps of interesting stuff.

People watch - yep you see some sights - a lot of our crowd love to dress up for the day (fancy dress) and it really does make good watrching!

Overall everyone tells me that its the atmosphere that keeps them coming back year after year. I wish I could define or bottle "atmosphere". I suppose it really is a case of the sum of the parts is greater than the individual bits.

You have to experience this event for itself. It really is simple in its offering but amazing in its execution.

As James Morrison said - "this festival really has something special - Ya gotta be there!

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